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Homework Questionnaire Results 2015-16


Thank you to all parents/carers who returned the homework questionnaire. We received 58 responses and the results are outlined below. This information will be used to help us review our Homework Policy, which will be published in the Spring Term 2016.


What do you think about the amount of homework that your child is given?

Too much         9%         About right       71%        Too little            13%        Varies too much             7%


How difficult does your child find their homework?

Too easy           9%         About right       65%        Too hard            5%        Varies too much           21%


Does your child enjoy doing their homework?

Always                7%          Usually               29%        Sometimes       55%        Never                     10%


Is homework a source of tension at home?

Often                  14%        Sometimes         61%        Never   25%


Do you help your child with their homework?

Often    64%                        Sometimes         36%        Never   0%


Do you feel you have enough knowledge to help your child with their homework?

Yes        43%                No         3%                 Most of the time           52%        Not sure           2%


How much impact do you think homework has on your child’s learning?

Significant         36%                  Variable             52%                   None    2%          Not sure          10%


How much time per week do you think your child should spend doing homework?

20 mins          5%          30 mins          22%               45 mins           16%        1 hour            56%


The majority of parents/carers felt that they would welcome additional explanations on the school website and additional information sent with homework. Only 14% of those parents/carers who responded said that they would use parents’ workshops in the evenings.

A significant number of parents/carers who responded feel that homework is beneficial because it gives them the opportunity to spend time with their child and find out what they are learning. Comments included:

‘I can sit with her and it gives us a little time together, one on one.’

‘It gives me a chance to be involved in my child’s education.’

‘It is bonding. It leads to conversations and questions and lets us know what/how he’s doing in school.’

‘It gives me a good understanding of where my child is up to and what we need to work on.’

‘General learning and time to spend together, rather than sat on a games console.’

‘Really loved doing the project homework. We have enjoyed researching and making.’