The Oakfield Curriculum Offer

Oakfield is a reading school! We believe that the love of books and reading is a significant factor in future success and happiness for our young people. This belief drives our curriculum approach and high quality texts underpin the learning across all phases of school.

Oakfield children engage with learning through our rich and creative curriculum offer. The texts which underpin the learning across school are carefully selected for their broad content and appeal, with a termly whole-school focus on History, Science and Geography. Texts change each year, to ensure that they are current, exciting and relevant to the unique interests of our children. Teachers carefully identify knowledge, skills and understanding which link to the text and each subject area, to create a timeline for learning. At regular intervals along the timeline, a wide variety of unique opportunities, known as ‘significant moments’ are planned to enhance the children’s learning journey. First hand experiences are essential to a child’s understanding of the world. Trips, visitors to school and whole school focus weeks are a key feature of the Oakfield Curriculum Offer.

At Oakfield, we foster in our children the six Helpful Habits for Learning: perseverance, review, engagement, collaboration, investigation and organisation. We believe that the development of these habits leads to young people who are excited, resilient and independent learners.

English Offer


At Oakfield, our aim is to enable our children to be independent, enthusiastic and efficient readers who have a love of reading and of books. We involve our children in theming the classrooms to the term’s text. In EYFS, there are role play areas, linked to the text and in Years 1-6, reading areas with Recommended Reads. These books are age appropriate and the children are encouraged to take these home and enjoy them. In Years 1-6, there are recommendation cards to share their opinion of the book, if they wish to.

Early reading

In EYFS and KS1, the Letters and Sounds programme is followed and taught daily. Individual and paired reading with an adult allows the children to further practise these skills and for comprehension to be introduced and developed.

Direct Phonics is used as an intervention for pupils in both KS1 and KS2.

Enjoyment and understanding are of equal importance and the Power of Reading approaches are used in our construct to explore texts through drama, art and music. Reading skills are taught through our construct and practised further through The Daily Read. Using the VIPERS concept, independent reading questions are provided, enabling the children to apply what has been taught through the construct. There are four sessions per week and the fifth provides time for the children to select a book of their choice and read for pleasure. A Story Share takes place every Friday afternoon – an opportunity to enjoy a book together at the end of the day.


Talk For Writing principles are used in EYFS and Resource Provision to explore the topic texts and to develop language. Both adult-led and child-initiated activities are planned linked to the text.

Writing is taught through our construct and skills are practised through other curriculum subjects.

In KS1, spelling is linked to phonics and common exception words. In Years 2 – 6, the progressive No Nonsense Spelling scheme is followed.

Our Oakfield English Construct

In Years 1-6, our English work is planned through units, using The Oakfield English Construct, and linked to the topic time line. The class texts (one fiction and one non-fiction) are split into six main parts. Each part creates a unit and a different genre is explored through a text interrogation process, both reading as a reader and as a writer.

Each unit begins with a hook to introduce the text type. In the first stage, the children develop their understanding of text structure, of language and the key reading skills of inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval, summary/sequence.

The second week provides the opportunity to explore the genre further as a writer, with shared/paired writing, grammar skills bursts and an independent task. The children critique their work and identify and edit elements of the success criteria. At the end of a half term, there is a one week writing unit, separate to the topic. This allows children to apply their skills and create a non-fiction and fiction piece linked to a stimulus.

Maths Offer

The Oakfield Maths offer provides our children with opportunities to develop strong mathematical skills and deep understanding of mathematical concepts which, in turn, enables them to make links and develop problem solving and reasoning skills.

Maths teaching follows a ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ sequence. This gives our children the opportunity to secure their understanding by use of concrete materials before moving to pictorial representation of concepts or processes, ultimately leading to abstract, written methods. Mental arithmetic, times tables and basic maths skills are reinforced through daily challenge sessions which are additional to the daily maths lesson.


Whole School Curriculum Map

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding 2018-19

Gift of Knowledge

Resource Provision

PSHE Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery & Reception)

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum provides the building blocks upon which everything else is built. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum consists of learning goals for children to achieve by the end of their reception year. These goals are organized into six areas of learning.

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Mathematical development
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

In the Foundation Stage, the children learn through a carefully structured and planned curriculum based on a wide variety of play opportunities including imaginative play, designing and constructing, investigating and exploring sand and water, creative activities and energetic play both inside and outside.

Early Years Curriculum